EVENT COVERAGE starting from $100/h

Hosting an event? Some examples are product launches, panel talks, masterclasses and workshops! 
Shooting to finished product takes approximately 2-4 days.*

HEADSHOTS $200/session

Whether it's for LinkedIn, a business card, a modelling portfolio or a blog--we work together
on styling, location and capturing your personality.
Shooting to finished product takes approximately 2-4 days.*


We love shoots that allow us to flex our creative muscles. New moms, interior designers, artists and athletes are some of the types of people we've been blessed to work with. We start with a casual meeting, where we discuss your ideas and options. We get a contract together, ask for your autograph,
set a date and let the sparks fly! Shooting to finished product takes approximately 2-4 days.*

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY starting from $3500

We choose to take on only a handful of weddings per year, to give each couple the attention they deserve. We also want to be honest with the time and care we can put into the post production of your memories. We love meeting with our couples first, to show you our portfolio, tell you how we work, get a feel for our chemistry, learn about your visual tastes and go from there. Please be advised that upon booking, we do require a deposit of 10%**. 
Shooting to finished product takes approximately 2-3 months.*

BRANDING + DESIGN starting at $75/h

Invitations, business cards and logos are crowd favourites, but we also love unifying the social media presence of small businesses, creating promotional material like brochures and posters or even better–designing custom material like T-shirts, iphone cases and stationery. We first meet to learn about your ideas and to get your specifications. A day after our meeting, we send our contract for your autograph and a minimum deposit of 2 hours of design time ($150)**. From the date we receive this contract signed with your initial payment, we are able to present our proposed designs within 1-2 weeks.
The design process then continues at an hourly rate, with a maximum of 3 proofing stages (First, Second & Final proof). Proposal designs to finished product takes approximately 4-6 weeks.*

IMAGE STYLING sessions starting at $50/h

We've worked with personalities who've appeared on TV, account managers and even students who've landed that big interview, 
wishing to be their best at a specific time. We've also worked with artists who want to learn how to be their best, all the time.
Whatever goals you have for your personal style, tell us and we'll ensure that you reach it. You have a choice of 3 different services:

1. Colour & Style Analysis
An in-depth analysis where we find your power colours, define your style personality and discover your body type.
Valuable information for when you're shopping on your own!

2. Closet Detox
Cleanse your closet of unflattering clothing and get advice on how to build a wardrobe that you're excited about and that expresses exactly who you are.

3. Personal Shopping
Personalize your shopping experience based on a quick assessment of your current style, colours and personality.


*All time estimates are dependent upon the individual project, number/complexity of revisions,
client response timeliness and my current booking schedule. **Please note this deposit is nonrefundable.