Thank you so much again. I had fun and was extremely comfortable at the shoot with you. I'll pass on your info to others. Looking forward to connecting again!
– Brooke  @flhighwithme

The photos are freaking beautiful! Thank you so so much. Annnnnd the girls LOVE the pics that I sent. I just want to say that you will forever be my photographer. I'm never going to let you go. I mean it! You're my go to! Personality, your work, everything...you're amazing. So glad that we've crossed paths.
– Chantal S. @oh_teezy

My goodness! The pictures came out pure amazing. There is so much to pick from, I am confused what to start with! My fave. To date. Everything came together! From the hair, makeup, photography to composition. We made fire! I also wanted to thank you as well! Slowly getting to 10k followers on IG which has been a sturggle for me. Thanks for helping produce great content that people enjoy.
– Jackie S. @smissjblog

Your photos are kickass awesome!!! Omg, u have the eye. I'm so impressed and floored. Completely. Huge difference. We are looking at the same thing, but what comes out is so different. Your photos are miles above!
– Dana H. @danahenningjewellery

Ricky, it was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to our shoots because I know it won't be anything short of fun, professional and resulting in some of the dopest shots. You are a very talented and phenomenal photographer.  I had so much fun doing this shoot, probably one of my favourite tbh.. You're so creative and humble in your ways. I love that you ALWAYS listen to my ideas and consider my vision. You are one-of-a-kind and you're a pleasure to work with, there's never a dull moment when we're in our zone. I look forward to many more exciting and creative shoots with you. I think we've got a pretty great chemistry both on a professional and social level. Thanks for helping build my brand!
– Francine S. @thestyleassociate_

Lemme tell you…shooting with Ricky is like having a photoshoot with your bff! She makes it so easy to be yourself in front of the camera and has a unique eye that captures all your best angles! She made me look cute and cuddly instead of my usual sassy self with a resting bitch face LOL! #rare I met Ricky at a WIPP event…and we connected instantly and made plans to create together. She is so passionate about photography which inspired me to get my ass in gear with my own creative work. Thanks Ricky!
– Tiffany T. @thatgirlnamedtiff

I love the photos. It was so great to have you there to take the pressure off. I can't wait to share them with our clients.
– Gina A.

Thank you so much, the photos look wonderful! Some were so funny, you did a great job!
– Mariel A.

Having a one-on-one fashion expert by my side was highly enlightening. I was able to look around and free my mind on what to wear. Ricky picked out all the pieces for me and all I had to do was try it on (…and pose)! If you like to dress-up sharply, but you’re not sure how to start, I highly recommend Ricky.
I trust her professional expertise will bring your visual image up to a whole new level.

– Albert W.

Ricky did a wonderful job on our maternity shoot. Her creativity truly captured the essence of the love we share for our upcoming bundle of joy. She knew what would work best for us and even incorporated our nosey dog :) Her knowledge in photography allowed us to shine in ways that were unexpected. And her professionalism and warm demeanor made us feel comfortable which made it even easier for us to work with her. Not only was Ricky a great photographer,  the pictures turned out fabulous and we received the pictures in less than a week. I would recommend Rachel to anyone. It was a pleasure working with her.
– Pia Maria H.

I love clothes but hate shopping. working with Ricky helped me streamline my clothes for my lifestyle (duh!) and she encouraged me to try on pieces I normally wouldn’t. A great listener, very intuitive and I love her style! Just give me your clothes Ricky–problem solved! I look forward to working with her again and again!
– Nova B. R. @butilovememore

My fashion consultation with Ricky was very informative. She picked out the clothes for me to try on and then talked about why it did or didn’t work on me. Ricky showed me what to look for in the perfect fit and gave me great guidelines to looking my best. The color chart is really helpful and now I know what colors look best and why! I learned a lot from our consultation and I would gladly work with her again. I feel amazing in my new work clothes and feel like a real professional.
Ricky is very professional and not only cares about how her clients look, but how they feel in their new outfits.

– Nicole M.

My portrait shoot with Sincerely Image made me feel welcomed into the studio right away with lunch and drinks—a nice little detail! The team is so personable, that I never felt awkward or out of place. Even though we were on a time crunch, they managed to make me feel beautiful and not too showy. I wore the look to a wedding that same evening and received many compliments. Photos were posted in a nice amount of time, so I didn’t have to wait too long to see the finished product!
– Jasmine S.

From the time I completed high school and all the way through 7 years of further education, I had worn all the same clothes. I found trends to be always changing and because of my low budget and hectic schedule, I just couldn’t keep up. So after I had been hired at my first “real job,” I decided I needed a solution.
My cousin introduced me to Sincerely Image and after a few months of summing up the courage, I contacted Ricky. I wanted to accomplish a few things:

1. Dress tidy and clean
2. Learn what looks good on me
3. Add more colour to my wardrobe
4. Bring out my personality

To address those issues, we started from head to toe. In 1 hour I had learned about proper fit, combinations, classic pieces, colours that suit my eyes, hair and skin tone, accessories, and different patterns. Afterwards I was taken to a few select shopping stores at the local mall and learned about what looks good on me and what doesn’t. This was just the beginning of a huge change for me. While I was a student, I never would have considered shopping to be fun but with my new found knowledge, my mind has opened up to the world of personal styling. The one thing that I would take away from all of this is that it is no longer necessary to experiment with new clothes. I can now walk into a store and know immediately what looks good on me and what doesn’t. This has saved me lots of time and money! I’ve always believed in investing in yourself especially if you want to look and feel at your best. I highly recommend Sincerely Image if you’re seeking to be at your best everyday.
– Adian P.