Visual storytellers, brand ambassadors, tastemakers, closet curators and collaborators that pride ourselves on creating bodies of work that are meaningful and impactful. Our reputation is built on our insatiable need to explore and identify a story and to communicate it with passion.


I was born in Toronto and raised in the suburbs. Currently, Chris and I are based out of Mississauga.

I completed Advertising and Graphic Design at Humber College and also Image Styling at George Brown.
Everything I know about photography comes from my Dad, who is a retired lifestyle photographer and studio owner.

Now, I wear multiple hats: second generation lifestyle photographer, full-time graphic designer at TC Media,
brand ambassador and sales acquisition for Love at First Blush, Contributor at Curated Life Magazine and on-call personal stylist.

I love learning, minimalism, sci-fi movies, singing, traveling to Europe, going out for brunch or
afternoon tea and stargazing. I have this slight obsession with sneakers and skulls.

Off duty, I'm either at church, exploring the city, trying out a local café,
attending a workshop or watching American Horror Story on Netflix.



Hubby to my best friend and soulmate.

I have a degree in Kinesiology at U of T and a diploma in Paramedicine at Centennial College.

I tend to wear many hats: Paramedic, Heart & Stroke CPR Instructor, Oxford College Clinical Instructor, and a 2nd shooter for Sincerely Image.
Currently, I'm looking into business courses to help out our little company.

I love music, coaching, staying in shape, finding a great sale, men's style, motorcycles and traveling.

In my spare time, I'm either working out, cutting my own hair, listening to music, playing basketball or volleyball, or running errands.

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